Poland on the world fahion stage

As I enter the world of fashion blogging I would like to emphasise my heritage. Sometimes living in Poland isn't fun- we get all the issues of Vogue and TeenVogue one month in delay, our market is short of many great clothing brands which are available in other countries and an interest in fashion isn't exactly a common thing.
 Many people who hear the word "Poland" often think "World War II", "Smoleńsk Tragedy" and "JP II". These are all good associations, but there is much more when it comes to our country.
There are many people who do care about fashion. We have a number of models and designers who take a big part in the international industry. We have Elle Poland- the best magazine accessible, Warsaw Fashion Street- the biggest fashion oriented event of the year and many other interesting happenings. Poland is quite a big country- it's population is approximetly fourty million inhabitants. Somwhere amongst all those people there must be some talented designers, stylists, journalists, photographers and models, right?

Here are my personal favourites. I believe the world of fashion gains a lot having these artists with them.

Magdalena Frąckowiak-model
 In the Sunday telegraph.
On the cover of Korean Vogue.
 For Numero 114

Lanvin campaign together with Anja Rubik and Mariacarla Boscono

Anja Rubik-model
 In German Vogue 2010
 Quazi Campaign 2010
 In Korean Vogue
Photographed by Marcin Tyszka

Anna Jagodzińska-model
 Reserved Campaign
 Reserved Campaign
 Reserved Campaign
 Reserved Campaign
Reserved Campaign

Kasia Struss( Katarzyna Strusińska)-model
  Glamour Poland 2010
 Numero Tokyo 2010
25 magazine 2010
Eva Minge-designer
 Eva Minge
 Fall 2010/2011
 Fall 2010/2011
Fall 2010/2011
All photos from fashiongonerouge.com and google.com
I don't own any rights.

To end my little report I'll post a picture of me in my fall/winter 2011/2011 outfit in the heart of my beloved Warsaw. It's only 1st of October but winter is deffinetly on there way. Stay warm!
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