I really miss raspberries...

(gap skirt; old navy top; zara cardigan; p&b belt; ecco shoes)

Winter, please go away! I'm sick of snow, ice and below zero temperatures! It's time to let spring shake us up. Maybe if we start dressing like it's spring then winter will be gone.  Let's join our forces and togethetr we can beat this horrid weather.
Yeah right.


Make up your mind!

(pull&bear tunic and leggins; h&m coat; vintage scarf and boots)

I'm sorry for this funny photo but at that time it was very windy and raining! It's supposed to be winter... but today it was ten degrees and sunny!! I wish the weather would make up it's mind...
I'm so exited! Our annual winter break beggins tommorow. I can't wait, two weeks of freedom! Yaaaay! After the break there is going to be a lot if work!  But spring is comming...  the flowers, the sun and of course the spring fashion!!
I'm off for two weeks!


Spring approaching part 2.

(photos from style.com and google graphics.)
Here is the second part of the spring trend report. Number two on my list is one of the most influential and popular brand Prada. Many people around the globe recognize Miuccia Prada's original designs and whimsical ideas. The most interesting thing I find in the spring summer 2011 collection are the amazing flat oxford styled shoes. Usually high fashion requires very high heels. However this year the runways are showing something different! Maybe it's time to come down closer to the Earth for a little while....
 I also love the basic tailoring. There's nothing better than a well cut dress whith a crazy pattern. That's exactly what Prada is showing this season! I'm absolutely stunned.
This Italian fashion lable is deffinetly one to watch out for this spring!


Out of the box

(old navy skirt& top; zara sweater; bata boots; hudson bay hat)

Spring is natures way of saying "Let's party!"
~Robin Williams

I found this amazing quote and immediaty fell in love with it. I know it's a little early for getting exited about spring but it's never a bad time to be in a good mood! One of the ways to be in up and about is to wear something that brings you happy memories. I bought this skirt last summer and wore it all the time. This morning I reminded myself: 'Hey, I love that skirt, I felt amazing in it, let's wear it today!' 
It worked!! I had a good day!