Emerald Express

  This week is going to be tough... I've got two exams( physics and geography- the subjects I loathe the most) and I have to read Macbeth by Shakespeare. I absolutely loved Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream however Macbeth and I just didn't click. What's so great about ruling the country? I just don't get it... I'm hoping this week will pass in express pase beacuse Friday is the day I've been waiting for for half of this year- the Lady Gaga concert in Sopot! I absolutely can't wait and promise I'll wright something after the concert.
    I'm completely in love with this emerald jacket. It's chic and unique!And the trousers... At first when I saw them I thought they looked like something a clown would wear. But when I combined them with the jacket and the shoes it all seemed so perfect!! I hope you agree! Please let me know!!
  ( DKNY jacket, vintage trousers, belt and scarf, Keneth Cole shoes, H&M shirt, Hobb's bag)


Free Spirited Nature

A soon as I saw the Project Alabama Spring 2011 collection I felt tingeling all over my body. The wonderful photos by Gustavo Marks superbly show the beauty of nature. The scenery, the styling, the make up, the clothes...  The rays of sun underline the features of the model and the clothes. Everything seems so perfect!  I absolutely love the simple but feminine pieces- the colours are so dainty... Like a flower petal.  
  Right now in the middle of November a dash of refreshing sunshine is exactly what we need! If only I could just throw on my little sun dress and dance around in the garden. Oh, how I miss summer! 
 In the meantime let's enjoy what we have- gloomy November days. Here is a little something to keep us going untill the sun comes up once again!
(all photos from projectalabama.com and fashiongonerogue.com)


There's nothing like old friends and new clothes.

The photos were inspired by our lovely walk at Warsaw's old town. Our wonderful photographer Mania is a friend of mine- one of the most talented adn nice people I know.
 Despite the fact that it's mid November I wasn't cold at all. My oversize sweater I recieved from my dad was doing it's job- keeping me warm!! My feet were doing fine too- thanks to my friend Sophie's amazing green boots. The whole thing was topped of by the most adorable necklace I've ever worn- also a possession of my friend Sophie.  As a matter of fact the only thing I'm wearing that's truly mine are the black leggins! Go figure!
( sweater: barker, shoes, necklace: borrowed from a friend, leggins: second hand)


Going Places

dress, sweater: Pull&Bear
bag: Bally
shoes: Gino Rossi
tights: Calzedonia
scarf: Vintage

Everybody knows that the best way to take a break is to go on vacation. Nothing nourishes the soul like a good old-fashioned holiday. However  the middle of November ins't exactly the season for travelling. So, what's the best way to go on a wonderful trip? Imagine it! That's exactly what I did.  I pictured myself on a XX century post-war train station carrying two amazingly expensive suitcases and holding a ticket to Paris, London or Milan... I'd spend two weeks admiring the wonderful sights of the city and looking at inspiring monuments. And of course I'd go shopping! Ahhh... Dreams.


Paul & Joe Spring 2011

The Paul & Joe 2011 colletion thrilled me the moment I saw it. First of all it represents all the values I treasure in clothes: bright and happy colours, simple but creative tailoring and this "every-day" sort of look. I'm not that into collections that show crazy, "spaced-out" designs- I want to imagine myslef actually wearing something. 
  However the thing that struck me the most was that the models were actually smiling! Nowadays all I see are extreemly serious motives- this collection was like a vision in a new direction!
  I sure can't wait for more inspiring and happy desings!!
(all photos from fashiongonerouge.com)


Rainy days aren't that bad

sweater: Barker
jeans: River Island
boots: One of a kind boutique 
bag: Hobb's
Today's rain inspired me to wear this ovesize sweater. Not only is it pretty but it keeps me warm too! The red bag seemed like the perfect match too the red patteren on the sweater. The scenario of fallen leaves and puddels is wonderfuly reflecting the currant atmosphere- cold, dismal and gloomy. I think winter is on it's way! Stay warm and dry!


My latest obsession

I've always wanted a extreemly bright and cheerful dress. It's perfect in the sun, at the beach but most emporantly it's a lifesaver on gloomy November days. Walking home from school on a  wet sidewalk isn't exactly paradise. However every thing can be cheered up with a splash of colour! That's why my new fetish will be colourful dresses with boots and tights. Anything can be better once you spark your life up!
 I was looking for some collections involving earlier mentioned dresses and I came across Moschion Cheap&Chic. The brand was launched in 1988.  I was never a big fan of Moschino, however after seeing a few pieces from the  Cheap&Chic line I became positively surprised! The dresses perfectly reflect my desires for a dress! The summer 2008 collection is definetly my dream come true!
(All photos from www.frillr.com)


Style Kal"eye"doscope

According to the worldwide tradition today we selebrated AllSaints day. I'm going to be frank- it's not exactly my favourite holiday. I don't understand the meaning of it. Aren't we soposed to remeber  our dead relatives every day and not only once a year? I don't get that...
 Even though it's a holiday fashion never takes a break! Today I was going through my collection of TeenVogues and I came across the February 2008 issue with model Karlie Kloss on the cover. It was only then that I realised how much she has matured sice that time. Nowadays I see her in Vogue every month! She does campaigns for Oscar De La Renta, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. In one word she morphed from adorable teenager to a sophisticated, world-class model. Go Karlie!!
 Here are photos of her at the begginig and now. What a diference!
(All photosfrom google.com and fashiongonerouge.com)
 With Ali Michael and Chanel Iman in 2008