Emerald Express

  This week is going to be tough... I've got two exams( physics and geography- the subjects I loathe the most) and I have to read Macbeth by Shakespeare. I absolutely loved Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream however Macbeth and I just didn't click. What's so great about ruling the country? I just don't get it... I'm hoping this week will pass in express pase beacuse Friday is the day I've been waiting for for half of this year- the Lady Gaga concert in Sopot! I absolutely can't wait and promise I'll wright something after the concert.
    I'm completely in love with this emerald jacket. It's chic and unique!And the trousers... At first when I saw them I thought they looked like something a clown would wear. But when I combined them with the jacket and the shoes it all seemed so perfect!! I hope you agree! Please let me know!!
  ( DKNY jacket, vintage trousers, belt and scarf, Keneth Cole shoes, H&M shirt, Hobb's bag)


  1. hey your blogs so cute and this outfits gorgeous!! I really like it in particular the jacket. its color is just perfect, you know I LOVE green!

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  2. love the scarf!!
    please follow :)


  3. ooooh! i love this outfit!!! really cute shoes and great scarf, it looks like a watercolor painting. I really enjoy your blog! I'm a new follower :)

  4. Cool outfit! You are so lovely ^_^


  5. Beautiful outfit!!!

    Kisses from Poladn!

  6. Lovely jacket!
    Please check out/follow my blog! Love yours.


  7. gorgeous scarf! i'm a huge fan of scarves myself.

    thanks for your sweet comment on fashionhash! you're blog is lovely. : )



  8. The scarf is really a nice addition to the outfit. Love the print and those trousers. Nice look!

  9. Great pictures! I wish I had those shoes. ;)

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  11. I love your scarf and the jacket! xx

  12. amazing pants,love them <3