Spring approaching!!

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 Collection
A few days ago I just realised that only two more weeks remain until our annual winter break. That thought exited me and made me aware that spring is aproaching which means.... new trends!!
  I've decided to devote a major amount of my time to create a whole new trend myself for the upcoming spring extravaganza. I know designers do it every year. They bring in collections envolving a set of totally new trends that will be fashionable for the whole season!! Just imagine how wonderful it must be to dictate what people are going to put on their back this spring. However I've decided to come up with a trend of my own. I'm still working on it and I'll let you know as soon as it hits me!
  To begin my little runthrough of the major designers trends for the season I've decided to desplay a set of looks by my ultimate favourite designer and inspiration Marc Jacobs. I've always thought of him as a designer with immense creativity and imagination but this years collection blew my mind. Positively of course. I absolutely love the exotic prints and crazy accesories- the belts and the flowers in the hair are mind-boggeling! And the tailoring. Absolutely marvolous!! 
  Soon I will post another set of looks by a different designer. Let the spring fashion extravaganza begin!


Not your everyday circumstance

(GAP skirt; vintage shirt, jewlery, Ecco shoes, Ray-Bann eyewear)

What's up fellow fashion bloggers! After a long period of absence I have decided to return to the virtual runway...
  A lot has happened since my last post! They say a new year brings new begginings, new inspirations... I guess that was the case with me! Maybe I got motivatedo to continue my blog from two amazing books I recieved as Christmas presents. One is called FASHION ( that's a shocker...) and deffinetly deserves the title " THE BIBLE OF FASHION". It contains information and photos of about every known designer in the industry+  a ton of interesting facts on the history of fashion. The other book I got is a biography of Audrey Hepburn. Reading about the life and style of this amazing person made me want to be more like her. I guess one way is to delve even deeper into fashion...