Delivering the basic message

For quite a long time I've been wanting to play a part in fashion. Ever since I was a little girl my favourite activity was rummaging in my mothers closet. I used to try one her once to big clothes and create small outfits. Clothes always seemed very important to me My biggest dream is to move to NYC-  become part of the fashion industry as well as one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world( Vogue, Elle etc.)
 I'm an avarage thirteen year old  and I live in Warsaw, Poland. The opportunities of managing all my spare time plus finding a decent course in sewing or journalism are quite small. I spend most of my time at school and doing homework- taking fashion seriously requires a great amount of time and effort. How will I ever manage?
However then I wonder- if I really love fashion and want to be a part of it I should do something about it! Runnig a blog seemed like the easiest and best way to begin.

In my first entry I would like to share a list of 7 reasons why I'm fascinated by fashion:
1. It allows me to express myself without using words, actions...
2. How and what I wear  reflects my attitude to myself and the world.
3.Fashion is a form of ART!! It's like painting a picture every time I choose to wear something.
4. It makes me think every time I throw something on my back.
5.Every day millions of people choose a combination of clothes. But do they think- where did the idea of that come? Who icluded that color in their current collection? When was that in style? Fashion requires and enourmos amount of historical and creative knowlage.
6.Fashion requires the ability to choose according to our taste, figure, body and imagination. To know your own taste you must be decisive.
7.People say looks don't matter? Yeah right...:)  Everybody wants to look the best they can...

...And so do I. I'm no fashion snob. I'm a teenager and my closet isn't fulled with haute couture. Every day before I leave for school I don't have much time to put my clothes together. But I care about the way I look and want to express my views about the amazing world of fashion.



  1. Pierwsza notka. <3 u, sówko! www.civettainstyle.blogspot.com

    Pierwsza notka będzie chyba już dzisiaj!

  2. Do you and Civetta know each other ? :D Because you live in Warsaw and Civetta lives in Warsaw too. ;>

    By the way,
    I'm glad, You created that blog. :)
    If you want you can go to my blog about fashion too.