Farewell Summer!


Unfortunetly when people realise that summer is  steping aside to let autumn fully flourish the expressions on their faces radicaly change from happy to sad. There is nothing to be sad about!
Autumn is a one of a kind season that lets us all change. All the designers release their most important acheivment- the fall/winter collection, all the new trends arise and people create a new image of themselves.
I personally love autumn beacuse of the beautiful,warm and rich coloures of the leaves. They just make me want to jump and shout!  I also appreciate the wonderful weather that allows me to wear my favourite clothes- sweaters, boots, berets and many more.

Sweater: One of a kind boutique in London
Belt: Unknown Italian Brand
Tights: Calezdonia
Boots: Bata
Beret: Chaos



  1. Hi. Thank you very much for that you visted my blog. When I saw your photos, I thought: ''She is very nice girl''. I read your posts and I can tell you that, I add you to my favourite blogs. I love your blog for many reasons :
    1. You are a girl, who really love fashion
    2. Your posts at that blog are great
    3. You write your posts in English
    4.You want to move to NYC :) I want to move to LA, London or NYC too or I want to travel to this cities.
    You are lucky girl, beacuse you live in Warsaw :) I live in small town, where there isn't any fashion events or something like that.
    I know that I want to meet you. haha :*

    I think that you are one of Polish girls, who write posts on blog in English. :)

    Maybe I will write my posts in English too ?
    I will think about that. <3

  2. I just forgot about one thing ! I love your shoes!

  3. I want to ask you something :
    Do you have an account on Twitter ?
    If you don't have, you have create your account on Twitter. :) haha :*

  4. I want to ask you about something second time: I read your all reasons why do you love fashion :). And my question is : Do you want be a designer or something like that ? Or Fashion is just your hobby .

  5. Zakochałam się w tym cudnym swetrze!!

  6. dziękuję!!
    Obecnie moda jest tym czym się interesuję i hobby, ale w przyszłości chciałabym pracować w gazecie o modzie np. Vogue. Teraz traktuję to raczej jako sposób spędzania wolnego czasu ale już niedługo mam nadzieję rozpocząć jakąś profesjonalną działalność.

  7. What kind of professional activity if I can ask you :) And Do you have an account on Twitter ?