Fashion Through a Looking Glass part 1

Life at the turn of October isn't easy. The weather is getting cold, the rain won't stop pouring and  daylight is slowly wanishing into the mist to make room for gloomy darkness.  If that isn't enough the amount of schoolwork we have to put up with just keeps on growing and growing. Sounds awful....
  The only thing that keeps me going is the little time I get to spend on reading, watching films and of course fashion. Beacuse of the misery I'm surrounded by I try to make fashion more whimsical than usually.
 This time I culled my inspiration from Alice in Wonderland- precisely the character of The Mad Hatter. The top hat belonged to my greatgrandfather. It's such a pity that people don't wear top hats on a daily basis anymore- their so dreamy but at the same time frenzied. I wish I could wear it to school! The dress however belongs to my mother- she lets try it on whenever I want to....
 I hope that you will soon find inspiration to change something in your fashion for this fall. Believe me, it makes you feel much happier!

Dress: The#
Tights: Calzedonia

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