Arabian Nights

Thank God for Friday! After such a dismal week I'm absolutely relieved to come home and begin the weekend. And not any ordinary weekend- this Sunday is Halloween! Continuing the tradition my friends and I decided to go trick-o-treating. Of course we're all getting dressed up! I decided that this year my costume is going to be something special- not scary but mindblowing and mesmerizing.
 As I was going through my closet I came across this amazing robe I never paid attention to. The minute I saw it I knew what I was going to do with it! I turned it into my whimsical costume. Beware phantoms! The Arabian Princess is out to get you!!
 What's Halloween going to be for you? I hope you come up with some crazy idea!


  1. fajne jest to coś, co masz na sobie;)

  2. I like it when people get creative with their outfits! Arabian princess sounds like such a whimsical idea. Halloween is something I've never really celebrated. But now I'm in Toronto it's everywhere. I still haven't thought up a costume yet. Yikes!

  3. Great choice! The arabian mood is a very good inspiration. Maybe you can be interested by the Armani's catwalk, because the mood was Rhe arabian night! Here the link (very good photos)


  4. Thank you very much! I'm enjoying the photos!

  5. love the print, very cute

    check me out!